Should You Consider A Referred Inspector Or Find Your Own?

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Hiring a home inspector is not a mandate when purchasing a house. However, considering that buying a house is a major investment, an inspection can help protect you and your finances against a bad deal. Additionally, the money spent on an inspection can be offset against the price negotiations if issues are uncovered by your inspector.

As you can see, working with a home inspector before making a bid on a house is a smart idea. But, choosing the right professional for the job may be a challenge as there are two ways of doing it.

You can either hire the referred inspector or find your own on the internet. But which is the better option?

Before the internet was the solution to everything, people chose professionals based on references from other professionals in a related industry. For example, a home inspector suggested by a real estate agent. The benefit of selecting a referred inspector is that an experienced professional’s word is supporting your decisions. Simultaneously, the downside is that there may be a personal relationship or finder’s fee involved. As a result, you may not have a reliable inspector through this option.

Your other alternative is to hire a professional you looked up online. The advantage of this is that there is be no personal relationships involved. You can check the professional’s past work online, and even reach through other homebuyer’s experiences with them on review platforms like Better Business Bureau (BBB). But, the challenge is that you may not find an expert supported by an industry professional online.

As an experienced home inspection company, FX Home Services LLC sees merit in both options, provided you do thorough research on the inspectors identified. You can always ask a housing industry professional for home inspection references and do a background check on them to see if they are genuinely helpful. Similarly, you can also look up professionals online and thoroughly research them to verify their experience, licenses, and past work.

Bottom line

By merging the two methods, you can find the perfect professional for your needs. In our opinion, the debate between both options just encourages our industry to be versatile with methods of communication, skills, knowledge, and create innovative opportunities to network.

Ultimately, based on the information you collect, you must choose a professional who remains impartial and sticks to the facts of the property. If you find this hard to do through online research alone, try interviewing all of your options and go with the professional providing the best value.

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