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We can test to see if proper safety precautions have been addressed or neglected. YOUR future safety and the safety of the current occupant are our first priority!

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FX Home Services LLC - Home Inspections. We are a leading home inspection company based out of Fair Lawn, N.J., providing high performance, thorough, and detailed inspection reports. We are experienced inspecting both commercial & residential properties. We operate in and out of the Bergen County area. Over time we have learned what our clients need & expect from us: Education on the various systems of the property, accuracy, speed, & the facts.


We supply our clients with comprehensive reports in a timely fashion - often same day delivery! Assistance identifying wood destroying insect damage, and the properties radon level is available as well...

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Home Inspection Services

Here at FX Home Services LLC every home buyer can expect exceptional care and consideration towards the home in question.

Nine systems are taken into scrutiny during a General Home Inspection (GHI),

here they are!

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