About Us

FX Home Services LLC - Home Inspections. We are a leading home inspection company based out of Fair Lawn, N.J., providing high performance, thorough, and detailed inspection reports. We are experienced inspecting both commercial & residential properties. We operate in and out of the Bergen County area. Over time we have learned what our clients need & expect from us: Education on the various systems of the property, accuracy, speed, & the facts. We supply our clients with comprehensive reports in a timely fashion - often same day delivery! Assistance identifying wood destroying insect damage, and the properties radon level is available as well.(201) 835-0601

Here at FXH services, we look at potential! With a background in construction focused on the finishing trades, we have seen a great deal of cosmetic issues that might make you want to look away but can offer a trained eye to see how with a bit of restoration something like this can easily keep your eyes on the prize!

It is common during a home inspection to find a house worked on by the home owner. Don’t be alarmed if you see something like this! Although it is potentially dangerous and hopefully temporary, it can be economically tended to. This may look scary, but it just needs a simple carpenter who knows a bit about safety.

The structural integrity of a house is critical! We don’t want anything getting in the way of living life to the fullest! Believe it or not, each aspect of a house effects the other. Pipes, electrical wires, ductwork, beams and even paint for certain situations can help play a part to prevent rust and microbial growth!

For many homeowners the different interlocking systems of a house can easily be confusing and seem unmanageable or even scary. Home Inspectors are trained to help differentiate and mentally organize what could look daunting. We would love to answer any questions you have during the inspection!

Proper grading, landscaping and maintenance of the property surrounding a house is the simplest and most powerful way to prevent unwanted water (the arch nemesis of all home owners) from coming inside the house or damaging vital house systems.

The electrical condition of a house can rarely be observed just by walking through the house. Home Inspectors use tools that help us understand if an outlet is grounded or not. We can test to see if proper safety precautions have been addressed or neglected. YOUR future safety and the safety of the current occupant are our first priority!

* Radon measurement tests & Wood destroying insect inspections are available as well.
* Home inspection LIC #24GI00173200 - Radon LIC# MET13903 – CPA LIC # 613848